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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I upload and share clinical documents?
A: Simply take a photo of your clinical document, for instance, a standard panel of blood tests or X-rays you want your patients to have prior to their first visit. This can be accessed from your profile page or shared by sending the URL in a text or email.
Q: Can you send a consult to just one physician?
A: Yes, simply select their profile from "My Network" and click on "Consult this doctor directly"
Q: How do I collect the information necessary to bill my telephone consultations?
A: Go to the sidebar in the app, click on "Reports", select the date range of interest, and then click on "Email consultation report to me" Please show both screens/buttons with arrows.

COMING SOON: Direct links with billing agencies will allow 1-click upload of your billing information to participating billing agencies.
Q: Can you tell which physician is on-call and which is not?
A: green circle will appear next to the name of a user who is available for network consultations, yellow for direct consultations and red if they are unavailable. Please show sample buttons